Coerver® Coaching is:

A football skills teaching method suited for all ages but especially for players aged 5-16 years old of all abilities and their parents, coaches and teachers
A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play
Endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations including:

  • French Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Australia
  • Chinese Football Association
  • Japanese Football Association
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Arsenal FC
  • Global partner adidas®

Highlights since 1984:

  • 8 TV series in 8 languages
  • Videos, DVD’s and books in 12 languages
  • 1.5 million kids and coaches have attended Coerver® Coaching camps/clinics
  • adidas® partner for 20 years

The ultimate goal of the Coerver® Coaching Method is to:

  • Develop skilled, confident and creative players
  • Make the game fun to practice and play
  • Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
  • Value winning but not more than character and performance
  • Provide a safe & educational experience that meets best practice criteria

Coerver Coaching Curriculum

Coerver® Coaching Curriculum is represented by The Pyramid of Player Development which consists of 6 building blocks.

worldsno1Each block combines dozens of games and training exercises for all ages and many have been featured in the Coerver® Coaching book, “Master class” series and the “New Era” video series. All the exercises can be used by both coaches who are planning team training sessions and by players practicing on their own.

Ball Mastery is the foundation of every player’s development and becomes essential for progress through the pyramid. But don’t think of this as a ladder, where one level must be mastered before continuing to the next level. Instead each step is integral to the others and the player improvement is achieved, as the techniques at each level become stronger.

Group Attack

Exercises and games that improve small group play with emphasis on Fast Break Attacks


Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal


Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with and without the ball

Moves (1v1)

Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create space against packed defenses

Receiving And Passing

Exercises and games to improve 1st touch and to encourage accurate and creative passing

Ball Mastery

1 player 1 ball. Repetition ball control exercises with both feet


Ball Mastery Camp (Ages 6-11)

Ball Mastery camps are for players with less than 2 years of experience with Coerver Training. The focus of the Ball Mastery level is on individual skill development and our core move sets with the goal of developing self confidence on the ball. Our core move sets are taught in a method that starts with no pressure and slowly adds the pressure of time and/or space restrictions.. Then passive defensive pressure is added while working our way to full defensive pressure. This is done in a progressive training model where we are building our numbers within the game from 1v1 to 2v2 to 3v3. While, each camp day is focused on a technique or move set, first touch is consistently a major theme. By the end of each morning, players are performing the move set of the day under full defensive pressure to goal.

After lunch all Ball Mastery groups receive training in Ball striking/Shooting techniques. The final hour of camp is focused on small sided (4v4) games, with each day offering a new team to play with and a new tournament to win. Group champions are recognized at our award ceremony on Friday afternoon.

Advanced Camp (Ages 10-17)

Advanced camps are for players with 2 or more years of Coerver experience or with a technical competence with our core more sets. Advance camp players should not only “know” the Coerver Move sets but should be able to perform them at game speed.

The Advanced level focuses not only on how the Coerver moves are executed, but also on the  “where and when” they should be used in a game. These are the tactical decisions every player on the field must be able to make. The Advanced camps teach more complicated moves and swiftly puts players into competitive environments with an emphasis on 1v1 and 2v2 games. Players are put in many situations requiring decision-making as that is a key ingredient to advanced play. Small group tactics are taught in small-sided games featuring a fast break attacking style of play. The importance of quick transitional play is stressed.  Players are encouraged to use their new skills in games, while being given the freedom to express themselves creativity.

After lunch all Advanced groups receive training in Ball striking/Shooting/Finishing techniques. The final hour of camp is focused on small sided (4v4) games, with each day offering a new team to play with and a new tournament to win. Group champions are recognized at our award ceremony on Friday afternoon.

Goal Keeping Camp (Ages 10-17)

A new addition to the Coerver Camp offerings is COERVER GK powered by Pells Keeper School. This course is based on the Pyramid of Player Development of sound goalkeeping principles and techniques. The COERVER GK camp session is structured around the existing field player camps. Keepers will have separate technical training before blending in with the other campers for 1v1s, dealing with crosses, shot stopping, and positional play during live action drills. A great way for the GK to attend the same camp as his/her teammates while still getting the individual technical & positional training he/she needs. The new Coerver GK program offers the perfect opportunity for GK’s to be pushed to achieve the next level.

Center of Excellence Camp (Ages 12-14)

The Center of Excellence camps are available to players between the ages of 12-14. Ball Mastery Techniques will be the foundation for each camp day. We will then cover our most advanced moves as well as, reinforce the teaching of our core moves with increased difficulty through verbal and visual cues. 1v1 moves will always be taught in conjunction with passing and receiving techniques,combinations and patterns. Players will go through our most advanced versions of 1v1 games, showing them multiple problems in which they are challenged to find solutions. Players must come into the camp with a strong technical base and a prior knowledge of the Coerver Move-Sets. Small group tactics are also taught and small-sided games are played featuring fast break attacking and counter attacking styles. Once a free flowing attacking style has been implemented, the players will be challenged to choose the best time to penetrate, ie. possession before penetration. The players are encouraged to play creatively and freely, and to use their new skills in games. All small sided games will directly reflect the move-set/skills of the day and put the players in non-stop problem solving situations. The players will be challenged as much mentally as they will be physically.

This camp level is meant for the most dedicated travel/elite players, ONLY.

High School Prep Camp (Ages 13-17)

HS Prep camp is for rising 9th – 12th grade players. Players are exposed to high level skill sets as well as games and exercises that stress tactical awareness, problem solving, principles of possession, advanced finishing skills, group defending, playing to targets, effective flank play and multiple player attacking combinations. Spirited competition is encouraged and fitness and speed training are emphasized.

After lunch all HS Prep groups receive training in Shooting/Finishing techniques. The final hour of camp is focused on small sided (7v7) games, with each day offering a new team to play with and a new tournament to win. Group champions are recognized at our award ceremony on Friday afternoon.

Night Camp (Ages 6-14)

Coerver Ball Mastery Night camps are for campers who have not been to our camps previously. These camps are great for recreation and county players. Emphasis is placed on individual skill development and basic moves with the goal of developing confidence on the ball.

Beginning “move sets” are taught and games are played to practice the moves in a method that starts with no pressure and slowly adds the pressure of time and/or space restrictions. Then passive defensive pressure is added and by the end of the first evening, players are performing moves under full defensive pressure to goal. First touch is a major theme in Ball Mastery sessions. Our goal of the Ball Mastery Night camp is to provide our players with a better understanding of our core move sets and to develop a more confident player.

Residential Camp (Ages 9-14)

Our Residential Camp is offered over four days and three nights at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. The campus is equipped with three Bermuda grass fields and a stadium with field turf. Indoor facilities, theatres, game rooms and swimming options are also among the highlights.

Players are housed in modern, air-conditioned dormitories and eat in the state-of-the-art Washington College dining hall featuring healthy and nutritious options at every meal.
Goalkeeper specific training is available each day along with our standard Coerver Training and functional training for various positions.

Evenings feature league matches where the players are able to implement the skills they have worked on during the day. Parents are invited to watch evening games and enjoy the campus and town. Free and creative play is encouraged in this competitive environment. Late night futsal is also an option for players who just can’t get enough!

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